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Sale Going on NOW!!!!!

End Of Summer Sale Going on NOW!!!!! Find the Hidden Gem Deals to help celebrate the changing seasons. Find the SUPER DEALS!!!! Dana just informed me that he went in and has added more items to our sale!! That sneaky Fella!!! : )

Dana has been busy cutting more gemstones this week and he plans to add about 30 more gemstones to our sale next week. I will post a notification once those are available. 

Crescent Gems Sapphires( ANAGEE ) fine colored stones direct from Sri Lanka are back in Stock!!!! Anagee has been renamed Crescent Gems.  You will find these here on our website. Take a look at the You-Tube video below. There are more sapphires to come! 

If you are looking for a fine sapphire please look in our Crescent Gems section. We will be happy to assist you with that special sapphire. If you want to visit the mines and exotic beaches of Sri Lanka, follow the links here and Ahmed will be happy to assist you. www.crescentgems.com 

Dana & Rachelle


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Colored gemstones typically in the last 50 years have been graded EYE CLEAN to INCLUDED. This was done without magnification, above the crown, at 12 inches from your light source above the gem, and some sources say at arms length. We do not use the GIA diamond grading scale for colored stones. It does not transition over because there are too many variables within the mineral families.

If you are in search of a loupe clean gem, please inquire prior to purchase and shipping. We will honestly tell you if it is the gem you are in search of. 

All photography is taken outside, with a true MACRO lens under 10x magnification, and in subdued lighting. We feel this may give you a better representation of the color... I am not a photography expert by any means but I do try to make sure you see the cut, the clarity, and the outside color of the gemstone.

We have a full refund policy less shipping which to me is the only way to go as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and a computer monitor can only show so much; so we feel we have to have this policy to be fair as we feel the same way when we get in a parcel of rough; if it is not as described we want to be able to return it...We will always strive to be fair, honest, and kind to everyone; and will always do our very best to keep quality up and the prices as low as the market or our pockets can stand.

Thank you all for your kindness, support, and friendship in the past few years; we could not have done it without all of You... I am just so humbly Blessed and Thankful...It is so wonderful to have been Blessed with good friends... FATHER continues to Bless this lowly creature... I am thankful for each and every one of you...

Most Respectfully;

Dana M. Reynolds

American Society of Gem Cutters

Certified Supreme Master Gem Cutter #96CGE42