Gemstone Update March 2023

Next Sale Announcement coming soon!

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February SALE Going on TODAY!

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Sale Starts February 1st!

It's time for a New SALE!

Dana is still loading more gemstones this week so please be patient for video. I am working as fast as I am able. 


Dana & Rachelle Reynolds 01/30/2023

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New Gemstones Added to The Website

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Welcome 2023!!

Happy New Year To everyone!! I hope that 2023 brings you many Blessings and Good Vibes!!

Dana & I are happy to welcome the New Year with the anticipation of Better Days ahead for us. 

We will be in the office & available if you have any questions for us. We are already planning ahead for our next SALE.  Date to be announced later in the month.

We want to thank you all for your support for our Family Business and your friendship. We appreciate you!

Many thanks to you all!



Dana & Rachelle Reynolds 01/02/2023



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Holiday Sale Going On Now!

The Entire website is on Sale at the Lowest Prices available!  

Take a LOOK!!   

Dana & Rachelle 12/08/2022


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Holidays Sale Going on Now!

Get an early start to your Holidays with Master Cut Gems!

Dana & Rachelle

November 1, 2022


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Rocktober Sale Going on Now!

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Rocktober Sale!

Rocktober Sale Going on Now!!

New items added to the Sale!

Take a look!



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September SIZZLER SALE Going On NOW!!


New Items Just Listed On the Website!!

*** All Crescent Gems Sapphires Are listed at the Lowest Price Ever!! If you have been waiting to purchase, Now is the time to buy. Pricing will NEVER be offered as low as they are today!!   


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SALE! Hot Days Of Summer SALE!

SALE  Going On Now !!!

  * All Crescent Gems Sapphires From Sri Lanka prices have been lowered to true wholesale pricing for this SALE!! If you have been waiting to purchase, now is the time. Prices will NEVER be this low again. 

Dana & Rachelle 8/17/22

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New Items Added to the website!

Gems selling quickly!!

Take a look!!

Rachelle & Dana 08/12/2022

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New items added to the website!!

  Check out our Most Recent Cut!

New items are being added this week to the website. 

Videos and Sale Date Coming Soon!!

Rachelle & Dana 08/10/2022

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Hot Days Of Summer Sale Date Coming Soon!!

Update: Sapphires from Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is suffering current Economic turmoil within the country. Recent update this week is the entire country is without Fuel. 

All mining operations have ceased due to the lack of fuel, which is needed to run the pumps within the mines. Speculations are that standard operations may not resume for 2 years. 

All inventory for our Sapphires from Sri Lanka collection are listed on the website and Master Cut Gems will continue to offer our great Pricing as long as the material is available. There are no additional discounts available on this collection as we are only the USA  reps & not the owners.

Dana & Rachelle 07/23/2022

* Gems featured in video may be subject to prior Sale: 

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  We are waiting to announce our next SALE!!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions as we are still working here in the office.   

I have a lot of interest in our Sapphires. Here is a short video for you!

Thank you!! - Rachelle 

Dana & Rachelle Reynolds May 23,2022

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Our Next Sale Date Coming SOON!!

    Dana has been busy cutting new gems! We will announce our next SALE Date Soon!   


Dana & Rachelle Reynolds 05-09-2022



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SALE Going on Now!!!

Many new gems added to the website Just for YOU!! 

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     GOOD DAY EVERYONE!!!  Let us celebrate our GOOD DAYS!!

ENJOY The Warmer Weather, Enjoy the Blue Skies, Enjoy your LIfe!!

Celebrate Spring with New colors!! New Gemstones have been added for this Spring Sale. Take a look!! 

Dana & Rachelle 04/12/2022


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