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  • Iranian Demantoid Garnet 2.21 carat
    Image for Iranian Demantoid Garnet 2.21 carat Image for Iranian Demantoid Garnet 2.21 carat Image for Iranian Demantoid Garnet 2.21 carat Image for Iranian Demantoid Garnet 2.21 carat
    Gem Id:
    $ 900.00
    Sale Price:
    $ 378.00
    very clean
    Dark Green per AGL
    Modified brilliant re-cut
    Well here is another reason why I will not send to AGL any longer... Sorry but I have been a loyal client of theirs for over 15 years. I sent a large collection to them right before Thanksgiving with instructions as always on what I wanted for each gem or piece of jewelry. Well they did NOTHING I asked... When I asked for origin reports I did not get them but I got prestige; when I asked for briefs I got prestige without origin; and stones that were truly color change they gave me brown reports as they say they do not do color change reports on light to medium saturated sapphires any longer ? and when I took those same stones to GG's to get an evaluation they all came back Color Change unheated sapphires.. ??? Needless to say; I do not know if they were in a rush for Christmas or what; but I have wasted my last thousands $$$ with them on reports that they did not even bother to read what I was asking for. Sad... This gem was supposed to just get a brief as I knew the seller but I did not have a refractometer that went this high to be very sure of what this gem was. I mean everything pointed to what it was; but I have to know before I offer it to my clients which are friends.. That is just me.. So do not expect to see AGL reports as I will just use GIA as I do with all my diamonds but I was talked into using AGL from others many years ago. Not any more !!! This gem is DARK !!! It is green but dark and the price is just what I have in it and what a brief report would cost as who in their right mind would even ask for a prestige on this gem ??? It is kind of rare to get one this green and this big. But I do not have the heart to charge for this prestige report i did not ask for and I could not believe they said they did it for the origin and when I looked on the report it said origin not requested ! LOL Sounds like someone is not being honest ??? Oh well... Priced at cost plus brief cost..
    7.22 x 5.33 deep
    none per report
    2.21 carat