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  • Be Heated Songea Sapphire Lot Intense orange 9.14 TCW
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    very clean
    Intense Orange
    Princess cut In Sri Lanka from Dana's Rough
    I bought a very large; close to a kilo of Songea sapphire rough before they knew they could Be heat the stuff. It was all color shift material. I found out about the Be heating from a friend in Sri Lanka and had all the small stones sent there to be Be heated and then cut. The colors were nothing short of amazing... But it being mostly small stuff I was not going to cut it. I have saved these back for designing fine jewelry but I do not have the time. So I am selling them off to someone who will use them as they are intense ! Mostly heated to yellow, then orange, then green, and the least of them went red... But all in intense colors. So here they are; have fun; as I do not see them any longer being offered. These are still NATURAL sapphires. I matched them as close as I could in size and color. It took days to go through all those stones.
    Songea, Southwest Tanzania
    3mm 49 pieces
    Be heated
    9.14 tcw
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