Hi Everyone !!!

I Hope everyone is Happy and Well :)

Well I will be listing some more of Paul Burton's gems soon; they are awesome and very old material.

I sent some more gems off to AGL; 2 parcels, and 4 of the high end emeralds to see what they say. It will be a very interesting fall as I am gearing up to make it one of the most neon colorful Fall Gem Seasons we have had.. Get ready...

Anyone that is interested in very fine Colombian emeralds I am honored to help my dear friend with Her collection... It was like a time capsule; these emeralds have not seen the light of day in 14 years.... They were the old stock I got my finest emeralds from 15 years ago. Mine are long since gone as we all know fine quality sells fast. But I will be putting them on over the next 12 months. You will not believe what I have seen in the last week... My mind is still reeling and that takes a lot these days... Stay tuned it will be an interesting year... So if you want a fine emerald start putting back your dollars as they are breath-taking.

Rachelle is till working very hard to understand how I operate this thing I call a business. I thank her for her patience and tolerance. She will be answering a lot of emails in the future so I can get back to the cutting wheel.

It is so wonderful to have been Blessed with good friends... FATHER continues to Bless this lowly creature... I am thankful for each and every one of you...

Grey's new website is www.customfacetor.com

As always if you see something you like; ask for the best price as I can move on some things more than others.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all those that participated in our business this year and past years; YOU all are so special to me and I am not only Thankful; but BLESSED...

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You may see these ANAGEE sapphires on other selling sites as my contact in Sri Lanka likes to move these beauties and will use every avenue he can to do so and rightly so as the more he sells the more he buys. Which means good things for all of us that want the top colored sapphires in the business at the best prices. So don't be shy to ask about any of them. We are here to do business...

NOTE .... We will no longer be selling anything that is Burma named per the rules from Paypal; even though I purchased the gems prior to 2001; it is not worth having the account frozen... If you want one of those gems I bought and re-cut prior to the 2003 embargo; just ask me about one of them.

We will always strive to be fair, honest, and kind to everyone; and will always do our very best to keep quality up and the prices as low as the market or our pockets can stand.

We have a full refund policy less shipping which to me is the only way to go as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and a computer monitor can only show so much; so we feel we have to have this policy to be fair as we feel the same way when we get in a parcel of rough; if it is not as described we want to be able to return it...

All photography now is taken outside in subdued lighting as we feel this may give you a better representation of the color... I am not a photography expert by any means but I do try to make sure you see the cut, the clarity, and the outside color of the gemstone.

Most Respectfully;

Dana M. Reynolds

American Society of Gem Cutters

Certified Supreme Master Gem Cutter #96CGE42